03 Sep 2020

What’s Past is Prologue

A brief history written for Adelaide Festival: 60 Years 1960 - 2020. A collection of essays on the Adelaide Festival written by former Artistic Directors and other notable artists. Jim was Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival in 1982.  What’s past is prologue (Shakespeare). Ancient gods, spirits and visions have more or less been vanquished, but festivals remain. Their roots are in communal ritual—the celebration of the harvest, the changing of the seasons and Corroboree. The Adelaide Festival (AF) has links to all these—and to pagan Greek festivals and the Elizabethans, who transformed sermons into soliloquies. The evolution of sermons continued into...

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07 Nov 2019

Twelfth Night

As part of NIDA's 60th anniversary celebrations, Jim returned to his alma mater and directed Shakespeare's carnival comedy, Twelfth Night, with second year actors and final year designers. The production sold-out and was a highlight of the celebrations. ...

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26 Feb 2017

Film Ink podcast

For Episode 26 of the Film Ink podcast, Jim speaks to Dov Kornitz in a wide-ranging interview—reflecting on his experiences as a filmmaker and the movies that changed his life. Click to listen....

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12 Mar 2016

Travel updates

The 'Travel' page now features some great photographs and a story from Sri Lanka — with more to come....

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