Three stories. Three episodes. The Sydney Suite is a screen trilogy that follows star-crossed lovers, charming imposters and a haunted Sydney dynasty as they attempt to reconcile the past with the future in a city of celebration, mystery and intrigue. The ‘city homage’ is a genre, and The Sydney Suite is a highly original addition to the canon.



A special brand of wildness overtakes Sydney on New Years Eve. Traditional barriers of class and culture dissolve as everyone jostles for the best view. Throughout Fireworks the clock ticks relentlessly – but we begin at 8am, when flirtatious high-powered executive Masha and her testosterone-fuelled barista friend Harry swap party invitations, not realising that they’re in love. Dalliances, prophecies and erotic adventures play out across town as Masha and Harry scramble to reunite before midnight.

by Lewis Treston
with Jim Sharman & Laurence Rosier Staines



Late-for-work Rosie Tindall jumps into a taxi driven by bookish Asian cabbie Henry Dao. She notices a book on the dashboard: a novel about chance. After this seemingly innocent event, Sydney society and the world of global publishing are sent reeling from a literary hoax instigated by Henry and Francois Duchamp, the reclusive author he impersonates. But when Rosie joins the masquerade, an intricate game develops—until the real Duchamp emerges from the shadows.

by Laurence Rosier Staines
with Jim Sharman & Lewis Treston



A mysterious swimmer glides through turquoise water in a Swiss spa. Weeks earlier, wealthy Sydney patriarch Corban Foy dies in mysterious circumstances. Corban’s widow Elizabeth Foy does not mourn him. Instead, she blames his young heirs, twenty-somethings Ryan and Sophie, after a row that leaves Ryan’s face scalded. But who killed Corban? And who inherits? From exile, Ryan and Sophie conjure an army of the living and the dead to put revenge on the menu at the Ghost Café.

by Jim Sharman
with Laurence Rosier Staines & Lewis Treston